Wordless Whimsy

Hello, I write flabby things. (copyright applies). Send whatever you want.


Girl places herself on outskirts of oval,
oval has seen nicer growths on sunnier days,
girl wears,
red vest, exactly 3.5 buttons currently secured,
girl has not noticed button reaching the brink of threatened hold,
nobody is informing her, onlooker numbers are one,
the single watcher me.
Girl strides onto slightly disheveled grass,
successfully ignores 3 children, one stupid pigeon and a boisterous hound.
Levels of concentration: impressive.
Red vest specimen is currently striding,
momentum has now ceased.
Appearing to stand in middle of lousy oval, blue umbrella tooled as makeshift trident.
Things that are not noticed by the girl and several dogs are as follows…
the game of cricket that has been interrupted at centre field,
a small boy falling over, minimal injuries, small amounts of blood dripped,
middle class women’s keys being dropped on gravel path.
Girl raises blonde tipped head,
confused cricket player mimics the rising head action.
Girls screams.
Various reactions, all to predictable and numerous to record.
Red vested, blue umbrella armoured girl is still belting.